Some time ago I was invited by Nutri On-Line, a great nutrition magazine from Brazil, to write an article about the application of nutrition to beauty and aesthetics, in a partnership with my super-professor, Dra. Aline Petter Schneider. Thinking about the subject, we decided to write about nutricosmetics and cosmetic foods, since many of us sometime in our lives wanted to try some of these “magic” products. However, people usually don’t know exactly how it works or how to get the best of them. Therefore, based on scientific studies, we made a quality overview about its definitions and indications. 

Obs.: Enjoy the full-text article (in Portuguese) on the magazine’s website.

So… What is it?

Nutricosmetics are digestible beauty products filled with active ingredients, that result from a combination of foods, drugs, and cosmetics. They can promote “beauty from the inside out” and enhance the appearance of hair, skin, nails, and even the body shape. It’s a global trend. Furthermore, another type of ingestible beauty product are the cosmetic foods, which are presented as candies, yogurts, beverages, chocolates and cereal bars. These products not only offer the energy and nutrients from food but also active ingredients with aesthetic functions, such as hydrolysed collagen, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Currently, the beauty market offers countless products focusing on specific aesthetic needs, such as photoprotection, skin hydration, acne and dermatitis, cellulitis and localised fat loss, hair and nails’ strength, among others.

The intake of nutricosmetics and cosmetic foods can be made to complement the intake of specific substances that play an important role in beauty and aesthetics, especially when it cannot be fully provided in the regular diet. This way, they manage to guarantee the proper amount of these substances, focusing on its optimal absorption, and enhancing aesthetic aspects.

If you are interested in adding a nutricosmetic or cosmetic food in your diet, I strongly recommend you to have a consultation with a nutritionist that is specialized in beauty and aesthetics. This professional fully understands these products’ properties and indications, and can also balance your diet according to your aesthetic goals. Otherwise, chances are that you spend a lot of money and don’t observe substantial improvements.

Want to enhance your beauty from the inside out?