Looking to improve your diet and wellness? You are (definitely) in the right place.

I am a niche nutritional consultant that specialises in the improvement of individual health, wellness, beauty and sports performance through diet and lifestyle. My job is to help you break free from unhealthy habits and transform your life.


Weight Loss




I carry out individual sessions which are organised within a planned program according to your needs and goals. The personal nutrition consultancy includes:

1. Complete Nutritional Assessment
Evaluation of your nutritional status and needs, as well as body composition, eating habits, preferences, routine and goals.

2. Personalized Dietary Program
Considering all aspects of your nutritional evaluation, a highly personalised dietary program will be planned, containing everything you need to put into practice a healthier way of life, including: Personalised Eating Plan, tested and approved recipes, specific nutritional advice, and application of techniques for nutritional education and change in eating behaviour.

3. Additional Services
In addition to standard services mentioned above, I also offer other special services to assist you in everyday life, such as a guided visit to the supermarket and monthly menu planning.

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  • Alessandra has helped me a lot, by adjusting my diet to my routine, including jiu-jitsu training and competitions. Her guidance was crucial to help me lose seven kilos in about two months. I learned to enjoy eating in a more natural and mindful way, and nowadays I can even “survive” without drinking soda every single day – as I was used to. Now I know that eating healthy can be very yummy! 

    Luis Amaral, London/UK.

  • There’s a long time (kind of 6 years) she started taking care of my diet and teaching me many things about health, nutrition, and even cooking tips. Nowadays, I can say I’m a healthy eating lover. I’ve lost weight in a healthy manner, improved my body shape and fitness, and even my skin has improved. And the best part is that I’ve learned how to enjoy the natural flavour of food, without adding extra sugar or lots of salt. Thank you very much!

    Camila F.C., Boston / USA.

I am ready to guide you on this pathway to a healthier lifestyle. Are you ready to start?