Hello. My name is Alessandra.

I am a Brazilian Dietitian based in London, UK and I am passionate about nutrition, health and wellness. My goals are to promote health at all life stages through a balanced and pleasurable diet. My performance is based on ethics, and commitment from a humanised perspective. I strive for quality and focus on delivering excellent results. I’m a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and author of the Manual for Attendance in Aesthetic Nutrition (iPGS, 3a edition). Currently, I work as a Registered Dietitian at Tower Hill Clinic, in London UK.

Academic Background

• Bachelor in Human Nutrition at Centro Universitário Metodista IPA (Porto Alegre / Brazil);
Postgraduate in Clinical Nutrition and Aesthetics;
Postgraduate in Clinical and Personalized Nutrition: Dietary Adherence, Nutrigenomics and Modulation of Nutrients;
Refresher Courses in Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Biochemistry, Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss, Hypertrophy, Eating Behavior, Women’s Health, Food Allergies and Intolerances, among others.

Working Experience

• Experience in Clinical Nutrition, focusing on weight loss, aesthetics, sports performance, food allergy / intolerances, plastic surgery and dermatology;
Performance as Registered Dietitian in private clinic and home care;
ourses / events planning and organization, and elaboration of technical and scientific contents in the field of Nutrition and Health.